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Textbook of Naturopathic Integrative Oncology


This textbook is designed to teach medical college and health science students fundamental cancer cell biology and inflammatory pathway biochemistry in preparation for managing patients with various forms of cancer, integratively. While several tests have been written on integrative medical practice in general, this is the first book to focus exclusively on naturopathic integrative cancer treatment.

Integrative Approach

Integrative cancer treatment combines conventional allopathic chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery with naturopathic modalities, chiefly lifestyle counseling, stress management, clinical nutrition, and botanical medicine. These integrated modalities can be applied not only to cancer treatment but also to cancer prevention and palliative care.

Patient Centred

By definition, the word integrative means to unify, to make a whole by bringing all parts together. Integrative medicine treats the person as a whole, integrating body, mind, and spirit. The patient is respected as a whole being, not just managed as a disease condition, and becomes empowered as a result to participate consciously in the healing process.

Evidence Based

The body of literature on integrative practices is growing rapidly, with studies supported by key government bodies, university research centers, and cancer institutes. Throughout this book, medical information and clinical guidelines are grounded in the most current research and best practice standards established by multidisciplinary medical associations. Taken together, the extensive references at the end of each chapter comprise the most complete and current list of integrative and naturopathic research on cancer in the medical literature to date.

Pedagogical Tools

Clinical reasoning and case management skills are developed by presenting information in recurring SOAP chart order and by presenting case histories of patients who have been managed integratively. Open-ended case management studies are provided for instructors to use in directing team activities and for students in preparing for board examinations.