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Textbook of Integrative Clinical Nutrition


Integrative Clinical Nutrition is at once a college textbook and a clinical reference, designed for students and practitioners of family medicine. This is the first text to provide a full, systematic course of instruction in clinical nutrition from an integrative medical perspective that develops clinical reasoning skills and complements other related health science courses, including nursing, chiropractic, dietician, and osteopath programs, where clinical nutrition is an integral or adjunctive part of the curriculum. Allied healthcare professionals will find this book to be practical as a clinical reference for evaluating patients from a nutritional perspective and for providing reliable treatment information. The long list of references at the end of each chapter make this book the most comprehensive and authoritative text available for the study of clinical nutrition.

Learning Enhancements and Clinical Reference Features

  • Evidence-based with more than 1,000 up-to-date references
  • Extensive literature reviews
  • Organized by systems and conditions
  • Quick guides for treatment
  • Patient-centred patient care guides
  • Toxicology of common nutrients
  • Case studies and review questions

506 pages.