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Healing Diabetes


Prevention and treatment of late-onset (type 2) diabetes has become a medical priority due to the near epidemic of this disease in recent years. Once considered a disease of the elderly, non-insulin dependent diabetes is now common among the middle-aged and even children, the product of our poor diet, lack of exercise, and chemically polluted environment. However, naturopathic medicine, using optimum nutrition, botanical medicine, and lifestyle counseling, offers safe and effective therapies to prevent and treat diabetes type 2 naturally, even to reverse diabetes type 1 when diagnosed early. Ideal for high-risk individuals and patients looking for greater depth of understanding than offered in ‘pop’ diabetes books. For the health-care practitioner, Healing Diabetes comes complete with well-researched diagnostic and therapeutic protocols and case studies.

Features a Quick Reference Guide to Diabetes, Prediabetic Conditions, and Diabetic Complications.

232 pages.