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Healing Children’s Attention & Behavior Disorders: Professional Edition


Healing Children’s Attention and Behavior Disorders is an authoritative guide to children’s mental health for the naturopathic, conventional, and integrative student and practitioner. Based on primary research and evidence-based practices, this book has become a standard reference text in medical libraries, adopted and recommended for course work at several medical colleges and health science programs.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), as well as other serious learning and behavior disorders, continue to plague our children, despite the widespread use of stimulant drugs like Ritalin. While these drugs may mask annoying symptoms, they do not address the causes of these conditions and may themselves cause undesirable side effects.

While examining the chronic attention and behavior disorders suffered by more than 2,000 children in his practice, Dr Hoffer discovered that food allergies and nutrient deficiencies are the predominant causes. To treat these disorders, he recommends against pharmaceutical, psychotherapeutic, and surgical intervention in favor of nutritional therapy. Nutritional therapy uses a combination of optimum nutrition from common foods with vitamin and mineral supplements to restore well-being.

Clinical and Educational Features

  • Offers conventional health-care practitioners complementary therapies to integrate into their prevention and treatment protocols for ADHD, autism, and other children’s behavior disorders. This is the first book on these conditions to accommodate both naturopathic and allopathic approaches.
  • Provides the naturopathic clinician a comprehensive handbook for using clinical nutrition to prevent and treat children’s attention and behavior disorders. This book features a comprehensive index of conditions and treatments, as well as a guide to the nutrient content of common foods. Ideal for prescribing foods and supplements.
  • Directs medical students to a rich reserve of evidence-based medical literature on children’s mental health. This book is based on more than 250 references to children’s mental health research and 2,000 first-hand case studies.