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Healing Cancer: Professional Edition


Healing Cancer is an authoritative guide to cancer and clinical nutrition for the naturopathic, conventional, and integrative student and practitioner. Based on primary research and evidence-based practices. Healing Cancer has become a standard reference text in medical libraries, adopted and recommended for course work at several medical colleges and health science programs.

Written in collaboration with Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer presents the results of his nutritional treatment of hundreds of patients suffering from various forms of cancer. These results show that megadoses of vitamin C and other nutrients are not only effective for reversing the progress of this disease in many cases, but also for improving the quality of life in others. A nutritional therapy program complements conventional chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical treatments, reducing dangerous side effects and improving the chances of full recovery. Healing Cancer refutes critics of nutritional treatment for cancer through the evidence of Dr Hoffer’s case studies and Dr Pauling’s statistical analysis.

Clinical and Educational Features

  • Offers conventional healthcare practitioners complementary therapies to integrate into their prevention and treatment protocols. This is the first book on cancer to accommodate both naturopathic and allopathic approaches.
  • Provides the naturopathic clinician a comprehensive handbook for using clinical nutrition to prevent and treat most common forms of cancer. This book features a comprehensive index of cancer conditions and treatments, as well as thorough statistical analysis of morbidity and survival rates.
  • Directs students to a rich reserve of evidence-based medical literature on cancer and clinical nutrition. This book includes more than 250 references to cancer and nutrition research and more than 500 and first-hand case studies.