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"This extremely useful textbook offers solid, reliable information to create a comprehensive practitioners’ guide to creating and dispensing herbal formulas. Written in nontechnical language, each well-organized chapter addresses a different body system. The chapters all begin with a short overview of the particular body system they are addressing. This is followed with protocols for two to eight of the most common conditions that might arise with that system. Each protocol very systematically offers an extensive list of 25–40 of the most commonly used herbs. There is a short explanation about their purpose of each herb, providing a quick reference to treatment. Also included are suggestions for possible alternative herbs that could be used, along with the desired results, expected outcome, and the exact dosage for various suitable preparations. There is also a well-balanced approach to side effects that may occur—both from drug interactions and constitutional conditions."

- American Herb Association Quarterly 33:1, Spring 2018 issue.

Textbook of Advanced Botanical Prescribing


Advanced Botanical Prescribing is a clinically-oriented textbook designed for students and practitioners of botanical medicine looking to optimize the clinical efficacy of their botanical formulating. The goal of this text is to guide students and practitioners through the clinical thinking and rationale of optimal botanical formulating using clinical modeling.
Combining the most current research with traditional and historical use, Advanced Botanical Prescribing provides a practice-ready, evidence-based approach to clinically effective botanical medicine.

Learning Features of Advanced Botanical Prescribing:

  • Step-by-step modeling of the clinical thinking and rationale behind herb selection and formulation
  • Review of the most common presentations seen in practice, with a discussion of the therapeutic choices and alternatives best-suited to treatment
  • Concise, clinically-oriented collection of monographs covering the most common botanicals used in practice, updated to include the most current evidence.
  • Monographs also include sections on “pairs well with” and “closest substitute” to further aid students and practitioners in optimal formulating.
  • Comprehensive reference chart of the most current therapeutic doses for tinctures, infusions, decoctions, and powders.

Hardcover. 552 pages.

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